Montieri, the heart of Maremma

Montieri is a small town situated in the heart of Maremma‘s area, Tuscany. It’s in a strategic position for its proximity to Siena, Florence and the Tuscan seaside.

Here you can find nice food and hospitality, but especially wild Nature to discover through all-day-long excursions. Montieri is full of history and science, thanks to Its Geological features.

In this short video you can discover the beauty of the area, and the variety of experiences that you will make visiting this place even for a day.

It has a glorious past, thanks to Its soil, rich in minerals containing silver and copper. Visiting the town you’ll immediately notice how the medieval origins are still present in the soul of the place. Composition, houses, alleys and so on. Everything gives the idea of history.

Montieri is the centre of the municipality, but the country is formed also by three other little towns:

Travale: the country of the Italian language, as defined by the plate (dated 1158) located in the historic center of the town which celebrate the first sentence known in “vulgar language”, the birth of Italian.

The lovely village of Gerfalco, perfect subject for fans of photography and painting.
Mining research center, located inside the wonderful natural reserve of Cornate and Fosini, is a perfect starting point for hikers and every kind of excursion.

Boccheggiano is the location of the mines.
The mining history of the ‘900 here is the master, but not only. Going down a few kilometers from the village, in fact, you will be enchanted by the majestic Roste.
These fascinating formations are the result of massive processing of minerals containing copper during the nineteenth century. The meteorological conditions did the rest, sculpting and modeling these red mountains until they become a unique geological site.
Moreover, thanks to the massive presence of chestnut trees, has returned to produce the chestnut flour.

This, finally, is the short documentary made by Simone Ducci, in which you’ll find many explanations to visit the place and discover, as a preview, the beauties that are hidden in this part of Tuscany, the heart of Maremma.